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Pumpkin- 3 ways

25 Sep

Pumkin squash


It’s that time of year everyone,; where pumpkins are abundant both in our decor and our pallets. I personally am a pretty hardcore pumpkin lover (pre PSL craze). It’s affordable, nutritious and very versitile as I will demonstrate with these three recipes.

Each of these recipes can be eaten at a different course throughout dinner if you wish and two stand alone as great appetizers for entertaining. 


This soup is totally on trend now. There isn’t a cocktail menu that doesn’t offer some version of pumkin soup, often with ginger ,but it was really my mother who I first got this recipe from as she has been making this concoction for years. Let us proceed.


1)Pumpkin- 300g/11oz/0.6lbs

2)Ginger-approximately 1/4 cup shredded (more if you want a bigger ginger punch)

3)Seasonings-I used salt and black pepper but you can use whatever you wish.

4)Belender/nutribullet/food processor 


1) Cut pumpkin into small pieces, leaving the skin on.

Cubed pumpkin

2) Bring water to a rolling boil in a saucepan and add pumpkin and cook.

Boiling pumpkin 

3) Once cooked, remove from stove and allow to cool before removing the skin (it will be much easier now)
4) Place into blender and add ginger and seasonings along with some water (add a few tablespoons at a time ) then blend until smooth and soup like.

Pureed Pumpkin

5) Pour into shot glasses or bowls and serve!

Pumpkin ginger soup

This tastes just as you might imagine. Thick and creamy with a spicy pop from the ginger. This is a beautiful soup without ginger as well. This recipe makes 2 small (appetizer )  bowls or about 12 shots of the soup.


This is a dish I’ve eaten for many years but never had a name for it so I made this up. It’s basically doing what you might do to potatoes if you were making mashed potatoes.


1) Pumpkin – 300g /11oz/0.6lbs

2) 1/4 cup sugar- I used coconut sugar but any brown sugar will do.

3) Seasonings- garlic powder, black pepper and salt (you can add whatever you want)

4) Blender/Food Processor /nutribullet (optional)


Repeat steps 1-3 for the soup.

4) Mash the pumpkin using a fork or mashing tool.

Mashed pumpkin 
5) Add sugar and seasonings and mix.

Pumpkin, sugar and seasonings
6) This step is optional of you want a very smooth uniform consistency;  place in your blender for only a few seconds to make it smoother but not liquified.
7) Plate and garnish.

Pumpkin mash
This is a nice alternative to mashed potatoes and a great way to incorporate a healthy nutrient rich food. If you want to make it healthier you can nix the sugar. It won’t be the same but it’s still good. This recipe makes 2 servings.


This recipe is the piece de resistance of the entire post. This sweet treat is a family favourite and anyone from my homeland of Barbados knows these very well. Pumpkin fritters are basically like egg less pumpkin pancakes or pumkin donut holes, that’s the best way I can describe them. Let us begin.


1) Pumpkin -300g /11oz/0.6lbs

2) 1/2 cup brown sugar

3) 1 cup milk (I used almond milk)

4) 1 cup flour

5) 1 tsp vanilla extract 

6) 1/2 tsp cinnamon -I mixed mine with ground nutmeg

7) Confectioners sugar mixed with cinnamon  (for coating)

8) Blender /nutribullet /food processor  (optional )


1) Cube and peel pumpkin 

2) Place pumpkin, a few chunks at a time into your food processor and chop. ALTERNATELY, grate pumpkin- this is far more time consuming and labour intensive but works just the same.

3) Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix.

Ingredients in bowl


4) This step is optional. At this point the mixture will be lumpy which is alright but if like me you prefer it a bit smoother then add to the blender for a few seconds until it reaches you preferred consistency. 

NOTE: This worked for these measurements, but for me each time I make it, it’s differnt, I suppose it depends alot on the pumpkin itself, so if you find its too think add a bit more milk, small amounts at a time and if it’s too runny add a bit more flour.
5) Heat oil in saucepan and add approximately a tablespoon full of batter at a time- this is all dependent on the size you want. I wanted them to be small enough to eat in 2 or 3 bites. The batter should sink to the bottom of the pan immediately then easily rise up to the top of the oil, you may have to give the fritters a nudge with your fork.

6) Remove from oil and dry once golden brown in colour.

 At this point you can just eat them, especially if you’re having them with your breakfast but I decided to do a bit more so they are even more delicious .

7) Toss in mixture of confectioners sugar and cinnamon. 

8) Plate and serve.

Pumpkin fritters 
I do not have words to accurately describe how delicious a well made pumpkin fritter tastes. Nothing will do them justice. They are sweet and flavourful thanks to the spices. The pumkin makes them dense and adds that distinct pumpkin flavour that nothing can quite imitate. The dusting of sugar on top makes them even tastier. And the smell is so good. These are excellent appetizers for a dinner party, a great side for brunch or just a nice sweet, semi- healthy snack.
I hope you enjoyed these recipes, thank you for reading and have an awesome day! 


Chocolate banana ice cream

1 Sep


Wrote this post on Food Amino app. It’s a recipe for chocolate banana ice cream using only a blender and 3 ingredients! It’s tasty, lowfat, low sugar and most of all very cost effective!

Just click the link!

Check out this post on Food: http://aminoapps.com/p/hdjkz

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